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Isocomp Compounds

Isocomp is a specialist compounder of PTFE and PEEK products which is operated as a separate division of Fluoro Pacific. Also marketed under the trade mark of Isocomp, we have in excess of 600 formulations and produce virtually any compound to meet specific end use applications. In most instances, we can accommodate small batch runs down to 75kg or produce 2kg samples for prototyping.

Isocomp manufacture the following compound types:

• Non Free Flow: For general compression moulding - (offering the best physical properties)

• Free Flow: For large part compression and isostatic moulding

• Pre Sintered: For ram extrusion

• Auto Mould: Fine free flowing material for automatic moulding machines

As the need for more demanding engineering uses emerge, it is possible to add a variety of fillers to pure PTFE resin to enhance application performance.

The most common fillers and their respective properties are detailed below

• Bronze: Significantly increases wear resistance, compressive strength and thermal conductivity.

• Carbon:
Reduces wear and deformation under load and increases thermal conductivity.

• Carbon Fibre: Lowers creep, increases flexural and compressive modulus and raises hardness.

• Ekonol: Improves wear resistance against soft dynamic surfaces and FDA approved.

• Glass Fibre: Provides excellent wear resistance, lowers creep, and improves compressive strength.

• Graphite: Improves lubricity, load carrying capabilities, wear resistance and is chemically inert.

• MoS2: (Molybdenum Disulphide) reduces friction, increases wear resistance and surface hardness.

• Polyimide: Reduces friction, excellent wear resistance, increase hardness and ideal for soft mating surfaces.

• Stainless: Provides high wear resistance, improved load bearing capability and good chemical resistance.

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