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Engineering Solutions


Due to our wealth of fluoropolymer experience, we are able to design and fabricate many customised items. We specialise in PTFE components where corrosion and wear resistance, high continuous operating temperatures and non-stick environments are required. We have qualified engineers on staff to assist with design, material selection, prototyping, fabrication and project management. Core product capabilities include:


• PTFE Bearing Pads

• Fluoropolymer Tank Linings

• Impact & Cradle Bar Liners

• Conveyor Skirts & Wear Strips

• Pipe Support Linings & Skidways

• Spray Nozzle and Mixer Heads


We have the capability to undertake the following processes:


• PTFE resin compounding and compression moulding

• PTFE Skiving & Chemical Etching

• PTFE adhesion

• Fluoropolymer welding

• Steelwork sourcing, fabrication and preparation

• In-house machining


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