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Laboratory Capability


As part of our commitment to deliver consistent high quality products, Fluoro Pacific is equipped with a state of the art testing laboratory. This facility allows us to conduct in house testing for all raw materials, in line sampling, batch testing and finished products. We have qualified engineers on staff and industry experienced technical personnel, who are on call to assist our customers with technical enquiries and application development.


All products manufactured by Fluoro Pacific are accompanied with Batch Test Reports containing the following key data:

• Tensile Strength to ASTM Standard D638-03
• Elongation % & Elongation at Break to ASTM Standard D638-03
• Hardness of Moulded Billet (Shore D) to ASTM Standard D2240
• Shrinkage of Moulded Billet (% change from mould size of 57mm) to ASTM Standard D4894-04
• Bulk Density to ASTM Standard D4894-04  

Retained batch samples are kept for a minimum of 24 months, should further testing be required and formulation logs are kept for several years.

Our laboratory is also equipped to undertake the following activities:

• Material Identification
• Wear and Abrasion Testing
• Friction Analysis
• Permeation Analysis
• Moulding Analysis
• Particle Size Distribution Analysis.
• Microscopic Analysis (1000x) Magnification

For tests that are outside our capabilities, we have formed strategic alliances with industry leading testing facilities.