Engineered polymer solutions and applications

The Engineered Polymers division of Fluoro Pacific offers a complete package from conception through to the supply of our customer's final component. We identify their needs and work with them to achieve the desired outcome in the form of a customised part specific to their needs. Through our network of global and Australian suppliers, combined with our in-house manufacturing, we offer a large variety of engineered composite materials, parts, recycled plastics and commodities. These include metal detectable materials, flame retardant materials and anti-vibration mounts for many applications and industries.

We support a wide range of Australian and International customers covering many industries that includes food processing, rail, mining, agricultural, medical, water, safety and automotive.

Typical applications

  • Composite bushings, wear strips, pulleys
  • Low friction wear surfaces
  • Seal components
  • Metal detectable heat-sealing tape
  • Metal detectable machined components
  • Anti-vibration mounts
  • Rubber gaskets
  • Pipe and cable supports
  • Fluoro polymer heat shrink roller covers
  • Fluoro polymer sensor covers
  • Teflon coated glass cloth
  • Medical equipment components
  • Rescue hooks and crooks

Engineered Polymer Applications

With Fluoro Pacific's wealth of fluoropolymer experience, we are able to design and fabricate many customised items.

We specialise in PTFE components where corrosion and wear resistance, high continuous operating temperatures and non-stick environments are required.

We have qualified engineers on staff to assist with design, material selection, prototyping, fabrication and project management.

Core capabilities include:

  • PTFE bearing pads
  • Fluoropolymer pipe and tank linings
  • Impact and cradle bar liners
  • Conveyor skirts and wear strips
  • Pipe support linings and skidways
  • Spray nozzle and mixer heads

We have the capability to undertake the following processes: