PEEK & PTFE Moulded Shapes

PTFE powder (polytetrafluoroethylene) is compressed and heated at high temperatures, whilst PEEK powder (polyetheretherketone) is heated to a liquid to create moulded shapes.

Due to its high melting viscosity, PTFE cannot be processed like other high performance thermoplastics. At high temperatures, above 350°C, PTFE becomes highly viscous which precludes using normal extruding processes or injection moulding. PTFE is therefore processed by compression moulding and sintering or ram extrusion.

The most common moulded shapes are PTFE Sheets, PTFE Rods and PTFE Tubes and Cylinders which are then machined to create engineered products specific to an application. In exceptional circumstances, PEEK can be used as an application specific solution to create similar shapes.

Compounds can be added to both PEEK and PTFE powder to provide additional characteristics such as chemical, friction, heat or UV resistance to the moulded shapes that will best fit the engineering application.

Fluoro Pacific can manufacture and supply PEEK cylinders and PTFE stock shapes in the following configurations:

  • Compression moulded cylinders, sheet and rods
  • Isostatically moulded tubes and rods
  • Ram extruded rods and tubes
  • Skived PTFE tape
  • Etched tape and parts

PTFE Manufactured Products

A range of standard shapes for unfilled PTFE grades are stocked. Filled PTFE grades are available upon request.

Shape Specifications Common Applications
Rod 10mm – 60mm dia., 2 metres long
65mm – 150mm dia., 1 metre long
> 150mm dia. available upon request
Gaskets, washers, rings, seals
Cylinder 50mm – 290mm dia., 150mm long, min. 12mm thick

300mm – 800mm dia., 120mm long, min. 12mm thick

Gaskets, washers, rings, seals, pipe liners, dip pipes
Sheet 610mm square, 8mm – 50mm thick
1200mm square, 3mm – 25mm thick
Tank liners, bearing pads, slideways (machine slides), seals
Skived Tape 1200mm wide, 10m – 50m long, 0.25mm – 3.0mm thick

0.25mm available upon request

Gaskets, cap seals, liners

PEEK Manufactured Products

PEEK rods and cylinders are generally made to order.

Shape Specifications Common Applications
Rod 15mm – 65mm dia., 1 metre long

70mm – 150mm dia., 1 metre long

High temperature and high velocity bushes, bearings, seals
Cylinder 62mm – 219mm dia., 150mm long, min. 15mm thick

230mm – 290mm dia., 100mm long, min. 15mm thick

320mm – 490mm dia., 50mm long, min. 15mm thick

High temperature and high velocity bushes, bearings, seals